Credit Officers and Commercial Training Managers — Here’s How to Build Skillful and Productive Commercial Bankers from Day 1… GUARANTEED.

If you are…

  • frustrated about how long it takes your new hires to get up to speed and be productive
  • tired of wasting time reading inadequate, poorly written credit packages
  • eager to provide better training from Day 1 but don’t know how

I can help!

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Should Banks Still Invest in Training?

Training is important but expensive. Should your bank invest money in training your employees, or does it make more sense to let other institutions do it for you so you can “pick off” their experienced people?

How to Get a Head Start in Your Banking Career

I like a healthy competition as much as anyone, and I know it won’t be much of a contest if the 10-year-old races against the 5-year-old.  The simple answer?  Give the younger child a head start.