Cameron R.
Commercial & Wealth Program Manager at a $12 billion bank
Christine K.
Learning and Development Manager at a $14 billion bank
Michael V.
Development Program Manager at a $20 billion bank.
As a manager who hires multiple credit analysts per year, quality training is very important to me. The Breaking Into Banking Course has been a helpful tool in laying the foundation for our analysts to successfully enter the world of banking. Our analysts appreciate Andy’s down to earth style, which makes the basics of credit fun and easy to understand. The course has been a great supplement to our own in-house training, and has allowed me to devote more of my training time to other more in-depth concepts.
Jake S
Credit Manager, $3 billion bank headquartered in IL
Breaking into Banking is a great training program for new credit/lending personnel, which have little or no prior banking experience. The course begins with an overview of banking terminology/general bank functions and concludes with a detailed focus of the credit/lending process. We plan to utilize the program for all of our new hires in the lending/credit areas.
Randy V
Chief Credit Officer, $2 billion bank headquartered in LA
Your Breaking into Banking book came about from a recent intern we had this past summer. While getting prepared for his internship, he found your book and thought it was very useful to give him any insight as to what commercial banking is since it’s not a widely known/understood career path. He was a fantastic intern and he has accepted our offer to come back as a full-time credit analyst upon completion of his undergraduate degree next spring. The reason I looked into your website and book is because I’m hoping to have all entry level positions read it if they are starting a position here with our group. I wish I had this type of reading when I joined a credit training program and commercial banking when I started my career in 2007.
Yvonne L
SVP - Commercial Banking $10 billion bank headquartered in California
After reading the book and watching the video series, I felt much more prepared for my credit analyst position. Both the book and the video provided me with a basic foundation of commercial banking and did not over-complicate banking concepts. I did not feel overwhelmed or bored with all of the new information that he shared because he also gave his personal experience in banking. This made it easier for me as a new credit analyst to gain a better idea of what to truly expect on the job.
Aleisha M
Credit Analyst, $5 billion bank headquartered in TX